The word burglary conjures images of breaking and entering with the intent to steal. Any burglary attempt whether successful or not causes great inconvenience. It is with this in mind that Metropolitan Cannon Insurance has designed a Burglary Policy that specifically covers you against the ever present risk of burglary and its resultant effects.

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The cover has been designed to insure against: -

  • Loss or damage to property by theft following entry and or exit from the premises by forcible or violent means.
  • Damage occasioned to the premises in the course of theft or attempted theft.

The cover insures furniture, fixtures and fittings, stocks, general contents, machinery and plant.

Cover Benefits

The Cover can be extended to cover for:

  • Costs of changing locks and repair of damage caused to the insured premises after an insured event
  • Expenses towards restoration of paper files, plans, records and drawings, data and installation costs for computer programs
  • Expenses towards clearance of debris and movement and protection
  • Loss or damage to the properties of the employees of the Insured

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