Consequential Loss


A consequential loss can be called a ‘’following’’ loss because it results from another insurable event. This policy insures your business against losses caused by damage to facilities and equipment, as covered under Fire Material and Industrial All Risk Insurance thus enabling your business to recover as smoothly as possible. It covers the financial loss aspect that can relate to lost income or increased cost of working.  Ask for a free consultation and quote today.

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Features of this policy include:

  • Paying wages for staff members during the interruption period.
  • Covers any increased costs which have resulted because of the interruption so that losses are minimized.

Additionally, this policy also provides cover for wages necessary to maintain staff during the interruption period as well as the increased costs of working incurred to minimize loss of gross profit. It is of paramount importance that the maximum a suitable period of interruption be assessed considering the possibility of relocating operations, reconstruction period, etc. and a suitable calculation of gross profit done to get obtain the full benefit of this policy.


This policy covers the loss of GROSS PROFITS as a result because of the business operations being interrupted due to occurrence of insured risks. Additional benefits include coverage against:

For owners of let properties

For schools & colleges

For professional firms such as estate agents, solicitors, accountants & doctors.

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