Employer’s Liability


Employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of their employees while they are at work especially regarding making the work environment safe. However, even with the best/ most reasonable of safety measures, incidences, accidents and illnesses occur.

These work-related illnesses or injuries can if litigated become a significant financial cost leading to losses, especially noting that suits can be from current or former employees. Indeed, current standards of health and safety are largely driven by outcomes of litigation throughout the globe. The Employers liability cover is therefore essential in protecting the employers from this financial loss. Where required, get a free consultation and quote today.

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This provides cover against legal liability under common law for damages and expenses incurred by the employee because of injury and illness in the line of duty. The employee must however prove that the employer’s negligence caused the ill health or injury.

Cover benefits

Pays for medical expenses including any doctors fees, tests and treatments.

This will cover loss of income due to injuries. This is Often a temporary income is given to the employee until he or she is better and able to go back to work. In case the injuries cause permanent incapacitation, this income may become permanent.

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