Industrial All Risk


This policy is a comprehensive policy that protects against a wide range of risks that a large industry may face in its operations. It covers all risks not expressly excluded by the policy and acts in two stages; securing material damage to assets identified and thereafter the loss of income or profit as set out in the policy. Get in touch for a free consultation and quote for your business and/or property.

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Cover extends over

  • Buildings, machinery, furniture, fixtures and fittings and electrical installations will be compensated according to the value that will be required to rebuild it (reinstatement value) and stocks will be compensated according to their market value.
  • damages which may be caused to your machinery and equipment when they are sent out for repairs.
  • Damages which may occur as a result of transit within the compound of the client.

Cover Benefits

Benefits which accompany this policy include coverage for damages caused by:

  • Bursting and overflowing of water tanks
  • Apparatus and pipes
  • Deterioration of stocks due to power failure following damage to premises of public power stations and electric service feeders (for Cold Storages)
  • Forest fire & subterranean fires
  • Leakage and contamination
  • Spoilage material damage
  • Sprinkler leakages
  • Spontaneous and landslide
  • Burglary (other than larceny)
  • Machinery breakdown/boiler explosion/electronic Equipment
  • Business Interruption following a fire
  • Business Interruption following machinery breakdown

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