Who We Are

Cannon Assurance Limited (CAL) first entered the Kenyan market in 1964 as a local branch of a United Kingdom (UK) based parent company then known as International Life Insurance (ILI) that primarily provided Life Insurance (long term) solutions. By 1968, operations had grown to the extent that ILI purpose built its local headquarters at the landmark International Life House later renamed International House. In 1973, corporate changes within the parent group saw ILI being sold to the merchant banking group – Keyser-Ullmann headed by Sir Edward Du Cann and renamed Cannon Assurance Limited (CAL)(UK). The renamed company continued to operate a branch office in Kenya and in 1974 locally incorporated as a fully-fledged underwriter launching the first Unit Linked Life Insurance products which remain popular today.

In 1984 CAL (UK) fully divested and sold its entire shareholding to local interests and shortly thereafter, the General Insurance (short term) commenced operations. In 1986, CAL had moved to Cannon House with the equally iconic World War One (WW1) artillery gun placed at the entrance. It was now a fully composite insurance provider whose integrity and professionalism enabled it to build a solid reputation in the Kenyan insurance market.

In 2017, CAL completed the merger with Metropolitan Life Assurance Limited (MLAL), a member of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH) of South Africa to form Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance Limited (MCGIL).  This was achieved by consolidation of CAL and MLAL Life Assurance licences into one while maintaining the standalone General Insurance license. The standalone result was the creation of Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance Limited (MCGIL) commonly referred to as MetCannon General, a full service insurer with deep community roots owing from its storied heritage. MetCannon General is able to leverage MMH’s global expertise as a result of the merger while delivering personalised service, all through capable relationship teams that have continued the tradition of building enduring trust with clients that lasts for generations

Globally, MMH was founded in 1966 and is a South African based financial services group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and on the Namibian Stock Exchange. It was born from the merger of Metropolitan Holdings and Momentum Group in December 2010 and has over 16,000 employees across Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom with businesses covering short term, long term, asset management, investments, savings, healthcare administration and employee benefits. It has client-facing brands namely Metropolitan and Momentum, with other specialist brands including Guardrisk and Eris Property Group, Momentum Metropolitan enables business and people from all walks of life to achieve their financial goals and life aspirations.